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it's true that they have no customer service at all.calls not returned, no notification that delivery would be late.

i did return to the store to inquire about why my furniture wasn't delivered on time. was told my chair didn't arrive and would be delivered the next day. when asked why i wasn't notified, was told it would be delivered tomorrow. but no time window.

i was the last delivery of the day. but i live 40 miles from the warehouse, so no surprise. just nice to be informed.

that said, i thought i got a great deal on the furniture and mattress i bought.

if you can pick up what you buy, things should be a lot easier and you'll save on some quality furniture and on the delivery charge.Best of Luck.

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This store is a rip off,

Neal , he is the owner, a LIAR, SICK LIAR, THIS STORE IS A SCAM.


NE Furniture Direct - Neal from NE furniture is a thief

Brockton, Massachusetts 0 comments
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This guy refused to deliver my furniture after

I paid it in full. I am going to file a formal complaint

with the Better Business Bureau and I am going to send

all the complaints about him. I'm also getting a lawyer

to get my money back. I want to take him to small claims court

so that they can run him out if this town. I agree with other comments here:

How has he managed to stay in business? He is a joke. He sent people to deliver the furniture 10PM and they didn't even try to get it through the door! So now he has my furniture AND my money! I am willing to spend time and energy just

to show him that he cannot do this to people. Thief!

NE Furniture Direct - Blatant Fraud!

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My email sums it up...


We are so disappointed with our decision to buy our mattress from NE Furniture. I am sending this email to you as a last resort, having tired calling you no less than half a dozen times and having left you numerous messages without hearing back from you. If you choose not to respond to this email, we will be forced to pursue other options (including filing charges), which I assure you we will pursue.

We purchased a Winslow Firm Queen size mattress from your store on Saturday 30th April. You assured us delivery on Monday 2nd April. Ofcourse, keeping with the reviews we saw online, your delivery didn't happen till Tuesday 3rd April, without any intimation to us about the delay. We were ok with that, despite the inconvenience of having to make last minute arrangements to stay with friends. Then you deliver the mattress on the 3rd but it turns out to be the wrong mattress. We realized this, as we sat on the mattress and it didn't feel firm at all. We then hunted for the brand name and it turns out to be a DreamWorld Mattress and not the Winslow Firm Mattress that we ordered (clearly printed on the receipt you gave us). We were shocked! We immediately tried calling you and have been trying to reach you for the past three days! No answer, no response to any messages! The worst experience of service in my life!

I am willing to wait till the end of today for you to respond and clarify, there might be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this (delivery goofup, etc). But you need to tell us!


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NE Furniture Direct - Total SCAM - does not provide the furniture

Lowell, Massachusetts 0 comments

Purchased a bedroom set on 2/19/2011. Stated 1-2 week delivery. After 2 weeks no set and would not answer or return phone calls. Picked up mattress set ourselves. Told delivery soon.

2 more weeks of no answering or returning phone calls. Went there and was told he had been out and the people covering were not answering the phone. The set would arrive 3/23 and he would call and set up delivery. No calls. Finally contacted them 3/26 and set was supposedly on the truck and on the way to the house. Never called or delivered.

3/27 was told he didn't know where the truck or furniture was, and that a delivery to another customer was never made either. Then an hour later the story was that the nightstand was dropped off of the truck so they didn't deliver. Would deliver on Monday without the nightstand. I cancelled the purchase and demanded my money back. He credited my charge card. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER THEM !!!!

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